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What is DigiCleanse?

In this modern era, our minds and bodies are exposed to an onslaught of digital stimulants. 

We are subjected to a ceaseless assault of light, sound and an array of waves. We are consistently submerged in the incessant ocean that is the digital world. Our ability to keep our heads above water is and will become an imperative skill in the changing technological environment.

Digi-cleanse’s mission is to lighten your digital load and assist in purifying your mind. 

Our products and services have been carefully developed and curated to target specific areas of your life that have been overrun by bad online habits and the effects of a digitally altered environment. We strive to deliver the very best in digital cleansing and purifying hardware, software, services and no. products.

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Products taken directly from the earth

hard, mineral-rich and are physically tangible


Products carefully crafted using quality, hand-picked materials

uniquely processed for your bespoke wellness needs


Selection of services to help ease the daily onslaught of digital toxins


Apparel uniquely designed to remind you to put your device away

6 tips and tricks for digital wellness in the workplace

Do you throw your digital wellness out the window on your commute to work in the mornings?

Sleeping without the devil

Are you sabotaging your own sleep? Details on the dangerous light waves that destroy your slumber.

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