No streaming Sundays

Up for the challenge? Reset with a ‘no streaming Sunday’. Consume less digital content and watch as your mind and body flourish.

If you are wanting to cut some of your screen time, a good place to start is with your streaming habits. It is estimated that we spend up to 87% of our online time streaming, be it music, podcasts, tv or movies. An easy way to cut a considerable amount of your online time is by reducing the amount of time you spend streaming. We suggest you end your week with a little less online content. Ground yourself in the physical environment around you and be present. Are you up for the challenge? Reset your mind and body with a ‘no streaming Sunday’, to be fresh and revitalised for the week to come. Consume less digital content and watch as your mind and body flourish.

It is easy for us to sacrifice up our precious time to the big streamers. Time that could be spent recouping from the digital world is exchanged for evermore screen time.

Just say no.

Commit to a no streaming Sunday and take back a piece of your week. Take this time to reconnect with yourself and the non-digital world around you.

What to do instead?

If you have decided not to Netflix and Chill or sworn off of Spotify for the weekend, and are finding yourself at a loss for what to do with yourself, perhaps the first place to start is to do a version of the streaming activity in another format. Instead of Hulu, you could go and see a local theatre production. Instead of binging on Apple Podcasts, have a conversation with some friends. Instead of Audible, read the physical books yourself.

From there, you could start to transitioning to different activities entirely, perhaps a craft hobby that you enjoyed as a child, or start a new one you have been intrigued by.

Alternatively, have a look at some of our products and services for ideas on how to do a little Sunday digi-cleansing:

Commit to you,
commit to a stream free Sunday.

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