About us

Get to know DigiCleanse

Our Philosophy

DigiCleanse is a wellness and lifestyle brand whose main focus is to lighten your digital load. 

Are you struggling to focus on what is going on irl? Is your physical health being affected by the amount of time you’re spending online? Do you suffer from digital fatigue?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you have an unhealthy relationship with your devices. But don’t worry, DigiCleanse is here for you. We have developed a series of products and services that can help counter some of the negative effects of excessive digital use. Not only do these products and services assist with purifying your mind, they are also beautifully crafted with natural material to ground you and to bring some healing, natural energy into your life.

Our Founders

Hi, We are Skye + Karin and we are entrepreneurs and the founders of an up and coming digital wellness brand.

We found our selves being tired of feeling too busy and too tired. Symptoms of digital overload that we have endeavoured to ease with speciality products and services. And thus, DigiCleanse was born.

We look forward to being part of your digital wellness journey.