Soul Stone Shoe Inserts


Feel the earth find your way.



Grounding | Direction | Companionship

The Soul Stone shoe insert is a carefully selected and considerately treated stone sourced from the South African Midlands. This stone was hand-picked to be a companion in your shoe.

Consciously walking on the surface of the Earth is one of the most spiritually heightened activities we can perform. Unfortunately, on occasion, we lose our way and forget about the ground.

Soul Stone shoe inserts are there to help guide us on walks and adventures across the landscape. A constant in-shoe reminder of the Earth we tread upon. This cool, round piece of the Earth helps ground us. Grounding neutralises free radicals, reconnecting us to the natural environment and improves our sense of self as an organism in constant communication with the Earth.

Elevate your grounding walk with Soul Stone shoe inserts, Feel the Earth and Find your Way. Things are Possible.


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