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The iStone is a non-digital device designed to soothe your muscle memory while avoiding the overflow of digital content.

Like a nicotine patch soothes the itch of the avid smoker, the iStone was designed to alleviate our dependency on our smartphone without replacing it or making it redundant.

Many humans today have formed a strong bond with their digital devices. Instant anxiety takes over when our primary devices are out of reach. We need them close to us, on us, at all times. We sleep next to them, recharging our batteries side by side. We take them along for all of life’s adventures, excluding wet occasions.
Our smartphones have become extensions of ourselves. They are the conduit for our relationships and interactions with the world. We hold them as we hold conversations with our loved ones. We warm them with our hands and protect their fragile screens with vibrant silicone costumes.
Although we have developed such strong bonds with our smartphones our dependency on them can also be detrimental to our health. Excessive smartphone use has a number of debilitating side effects such as:

  •  – Bad posture, which leads to chronic pain and muscle/bone malformation
  •  – Eyestrain
  •  – Blue light exposure, which affects sleep quality
  •  – Social maladaptation
  •  – Self-image and self esteem issues
  •  – Exposure to non-ionising radiofrequency radiation
  •  – Mental health complications
  •  – Sleep loss. Lack of sleep can directly affect your mood, physical health and general quality of life.
  •  – Time-wasting. Time spent that is unproductive leaves people feeling unfulfilled and results in an unstable sense of self

This product is good for you if you are trying to reduce your screen time but still need something to swipe.
If you are battling with a toxic relationship with your smartphone, the iStone is the perfect device to transform your life. Break the chains of digital dependency. Soothe your muscle memory with the cool marble and smooth edges of the iStone.


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