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Dowsing rods are detection tools. If you are looking for something or trying to find your way, dowsing rods sense and respond to the energy of what you are searching for, making them the perfect devices for lost property or lost souls.

Experts speculate that birds have trace amounts of magnetic material in their beaks. A built-in GPS system to help them find their way from birdbath to birdbath. Some say that it is just an innate sense of direction that all creatures of this Earth are born with.

Humans have lost this natural ability to find their way.

The evolving practices of map-making, drawing lines and boarders across the globe and dividing the planet up into bite-sized chunks, has left the human race lost and out of touch with a line-free land. Do not despair for our Google Maps dependent world, it is not too late. Things are Possible.
DigiCleanse has developed the Ulexite tipped Dowsing Rods, a unique product to help you find your direction. We have used the finest healing materials, combined to maximise its potency, to help you on your way.

– Dowsing rods handcrafted in copper.

Experts say that Copper is a mineral to increase energy and mental agility. Copper is the metal of the God Hermes, who facilitates mental agility, and quick wit.

– Ulexite crystal attachments 

Judy Hall, writer of The Crystal Bible has this to say about the wonder mineral;

“Ulexite is best known for its ability to magnify anything placed under it. It is an extremely clear stone and brings things into focus on the inner and spiritual levels, lending much-needed objectivity and clarity. It is excellent for understanding the meaning of dreams and visions. It shows the path one should take at a spiritual level and takes you deep into the self.
At a more pragmatic level, Ulexite takes you to the core of a problem, pointing the way to resolution and activating solutions. Ulexite is a stone of revelation in the physical world “

Note on the care of this product: Do not leave Ulexite in water for long periods as it can dissolve.


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